How much does one cost to produce?

Every promo/taster is different – or at least should be – so there’s no such thing as a standard price.  But we generally use a day rate system of £350 per day (though there are often deals to be done on a project by project basis).


How long does it take?

Depending on how ambitious we’re being with the production, for a 3 minute animated video we’d expect to take around 5-8 days, subject specific content.


What goes into it?

Again, that depends on your requirements, but generally we'd create a slick promo using pre-shot footage or internet archive packaged with full 3D motion GFX, professional VO, music and sound FX.


How long should it be?

We always say, ‘Less is more’.  We’d suggest you aim for a production no longer than 3 mins to present to a commissioner as attention spans tend to wander.



Once we undertake a project, we aim to have a fully scripted treatment for the taster within 48hrs, then once you have signed off the brief, the editing and animating will begin.


How do we proceed?

Use our contact form to tell us a bit more about your project, as this will give us a chance to generate an initial quote.   If you are happy with the numbers, we'll then discuss the project in person.


Then we'll go away and work up an animation script for you to sign off.  Once that happens, we’ll work to a rough storyboard to create the first cut with guide VO.


Then we'll make amends based on your feedback notes, re-present it to you and make one more additional round of amends before delivering the final product.


Sound good? Then get in touch with us today!